The actuaries at Centric have experience in personal and commercial insurance, reinsurance, and the brokerage industry. This diverse background allows us to tackle almost any project. Our expertise ranges from the traditional lines of insurance - workers-compensation, auto, and general liability, to the unique medical malpractice, construction defect, and warranty.

Our services include:

Evaluation of Liabilities -
We offer loss reserve analysis and statements of actuarial opinion to assist clients in establishing proper liabilities for their financial statements. For each project, our consultants take into account socio-economic trends, operational changes, and legislative reform that may impact the reserves.

Pricing and Funding Support -
We assist insurance companies in determining fair and reasonable prices for their products and develop loss forecasts for self-insured organizations to use in the planning and budgeting process. Our team has experience with filing rates in almost every jurisdiction and has worked with self-insured entities from a variety of industries.

Reinsurance and Retention Analysis -
Our analysis of loss activity by layer can prove invaluable to insurers making decisions about reinsurance programs and to self-insured organizations deciding on appropriate retention levels. We rely on both company-specific and industry loss experience to estimate expected costs.

Benchmarking -
Having access to a wide range of insurance industry statistics allows us to compare client's expenses, losses, and other claim statistics to broader industry standards. Benchmarking studies can highlight areas for improvement and assist companies in developing future risk management strategies.

Other Services -
  • Expert Testimony and Litigation-Related Consulting
  • Cash Flow and Net Present Value Analysis
  • Premium and Loss Allocation Models
  • Market Research & Competitive Analysis

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